Japanese TV Condemns “Japanese Privilege,” Critical Race Theory, Diversity, Discrimination – Gets Shutdown

When the concept of CRT is explained to them, the hosts laugh at the ridiculousness of it. Yes, in Japan you can laugh publicly now. But how long do they have until their laughs are censored into silence? [EDIT: It turns out, not long.]

Kaori Hayashi 林香里 – The woman responsible for dumping this toxic waste in Japan.

• Deeply interested in and concerned with the status of women in journalism and the representation of women in media.

• Organized a group called MeDi or “Thinking Media and Diversity Critically.” A forum to discuss gender justice in media.

• Quoted in the New York Times, BBC, and other major venues around the world on various issues in Japan

• Is Executive Vice President of the University of Tokyo (Diversity and Global Affairs)


She bears a striking resemblance to 1960’s Yuri Kochiyama:

It seems there is a hint of hebrew phenotype running in the Japanese bloodlines…

Original Video (Japanese)

News article discussed in video (Paywall)

2021年7月29日 林香里氏 朝日新聞(論壇時評)について
2021/08/05 (木) 虎ノ門ニュース 有本香×飯山陽×居島一平


Not long after the airing of the above video, the featured news show “Tora no Mon News” ( 虎ノ門ニュース ) has been shut down after being acquired by the ORIX corporation.

ORIX commented that it “does not tolerate any discrimination based on race or other factors.”

I guess those news hosts aren’t laughing anymore.

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