Twerking Spreads to Japan

and it’s called, “穴振れ (Ketsufure)”

Fading away are the gushingly-cute schoolgirl idols of yesteryear that appealed to your sense of innocence. Instead, globalized western sexuality of in-your-face aggressive feminist ass shaking is taking its place.

「大門弥生」が中心となり、時代や世代、性別を動かす音楽。今を輝く女性アーティストと届ける「GIRL’S POWER」が炸裂するコンセプトシリーズ

“Daimon Yayoi” plays a central role in music that changes the times, generations, and genders. A series of concept where “GIRL’S POWER” is delivered with a shining female artist.

Daimon Yayoi sends an American 1960’s feminist bra burning message in her other video, “NO BRA!”

あの、濃い目のリップに黒髪 強目の女子はお嫌いですか?「ヒールで仁王立ち」シンガー「大門弥生」と、レぺゼン地球!アイデンティティ溢れる予測不能な最強の女性ラッパー「あっこゴリラ」が放つ「レペゼン女性」をテーマにしたノーブラソング。


Do you hate girls with dark hair and dark hair? “Standing at the heel” singer “Yayo Daimon” and the Repezen Earth! A no-bra song based on the theme of “Repezen Women” released by the strongest and unpredictable female rapper “Akko Gorilla”.

Girls don’t care about their appearance or the size of their breasts, and they can shine vividly if they spend their days in a free lifestyle with confidence in themselves rather than living strictly! A positive message song. 🙋‍♀✨🙆‍♀✨️💁‍♀️

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Shibuya Halloween Drinking Ban Has No Penalty

“Hoping to avoid Halloween-related rowdiness, Shibuya Ward in Tokyo will ban alcohol consumption on streets this coming weekend and on Halloween itself.

Although the ordinance carries no punishment for violations…”

With no penalty, this ban is not a ban at all. But surely the foreign hordes will comply anyway. The city and police feel confident that simply asking people to follow the rules will work.

Ward officials as well as the Metropolitan Police Department will call for public cooperation during the period covered by the ordinance.

And in true Japanese fashion, the local government will be “fixing” foreigner-related problems with their strongest playing card – by putting up signs:

“The ward will also place signs on shopping streets warning against troublesome behavior.”

With a toothless ban, polite requests, and signs, we can feel confident that Tokyo has taken adequate steps to prevent chaos this year. What could go wrong?

Japanese University Tells Foreign Students to not get arrested over Halloween

With the chaotic truck flipping, injury-resulting fights, and huge property damages from last Halloween, Tokyo-based and Marxist-hellhole Temple University Japan Campus just broadcasted this message to their foreign student body:

Dear TUJ Students,

Halloween weekend is coming up and the university wanted to send a note about this time of year in Tokyo.

There are numerous Halloween parties and events in the city. In previous years, some TUJ students have gotten into trouble with the police and were arrested due to careless behavior while intoxicated at Halloween parties in the Shibuya area.  Not only did these actions result in criminal records here in Japan, but also affected the rest of their semester.  

For our visa-sponsored students in particular, this is a very real threat in their ability to maintain their student status here in Japan.  Students on study abroad programs involved in such incidents also had their parents and home institutions contacted.  

**Please note that from this year, Shibuya City has banned drinking on the streets. The map of the area where the restrictions are in place can be found here. This goes into effect TOMORROW NIGHT, and will remain throughout the weekend, and some days next week. 

TUJ would like to ask all students to stay safe, to go out in groups and stay together, and to act responsibly to avoid getting into trouble. The university would like to remind you that there is little support that TUJ can provide if you are arrested.

Thank you for your understanding and be safe.

This message is a legal move on the institution’s part to reduce their liability to the impending problems, and an undeniable admission of knowing that the degenerates they granted visas into the country will inevitably cause chaos.

Black American blasts rap music in Japanese Starbucks – Yells and Threatens other people

Backup video download link

Update: Tweet was deleted. Mirror below:

New University campus in Tokyo spreads cultural marxism to Japanese youth

LGBT Values, refugee acceptance, black oppression, marginalized peoples, discrimination, social justice, neo-feminism, contemporary art, pro-race mixing, white supremacy, white privilege, Japanese privilege, revised history books… You name it, Japanese education has got it!

A significant reason for the spread of cultural marxism in Japan stems from the international school. For example, Temple University Japan Campus just opened a few weeks ago. Let’s take a look at some of the offered classes:

Art History Writing Intensive: Art and Queer Theory
Contemporary Japanese Art
Arts in Cultural Context
Special Topics in Asian Studies I: Social Inequality in Asia
Japan in a Changing World Order
Special Topics III: Japan’s International Relations
Ideology and Social Change in Japan
Writing Seminar in Asian Studies: The Japanese Occupation of Southeast Asia
Writing Seminar in Asian Studies: Immigration and Integration Issues in East and Southeast Asia
Politics of Identity in America
Representing Race
Dissent in America
African American History to 1865
Contemporary Media Issues: Journalism and Japan’s Geopolitical Impact on the World
Ethical Issues in Journalism
Journalism and Globalization
African Americans, Equality and the Law: Weapon or Tool?
The Making of American Society: Melting Pot or Culture Wars?
Development & Globalization
Human Sexuality
Topics in Psychology: Prejudice and Discrimination in Japan
Topics in Psychology: Intercultural Marriage
The History & Significance of Race in America
Ideology and Social Change in Japan

And there’s much, much more. And yes, the head of the faculty is Jewish, many of the professors of these classes are Jewish. They are here in Tokyo, Japan, teaching Japanese students on a daily basis the same Cultural Marxist curriculum that is being taught at Berkeley and many other (((higher education))) institutions in western countries. It should be no surprise then why the younger generation is so supportive of social justice now.

TOKYO: Gang of foreigners rob ¥3 million from Ikebukuro bar

“They spoke in broken Japanese”

TOKYO (TR) – A gang consisting of up to six men robbed a bar in the Ikebukuro area of Toshima Ward of 3 million yen early Monday, police said, reports TBS News (Oct. 7).

At just around 2:15 a.m., the gang of five or six persons entered the bar, located in front of JR Ikebukuro Station, and began assaulting staff members and customers in the face and abdomen. “Hand over your valuables,” one of them demanded.

The perpetrators then fled with 3 million yen in cash from a safe. The staff members and customers suffered minor injuries, police said.

Believed to be aged in their 20s, all of the members of the gang wore black clothing, masks and hoods. They spoke in broken Japanese, police said.

Police are seeking their whereabouts on suspicion of robbery.