Japan Enacts Stricter Mask Laws

Japan to allow hotels to refuse guests shunning infection prevention measures

The Cabinet on Friday adopted a bill to allow hotels and inns to bar guests who don’t have a valid reason for refusing to wear masks or take other anti-infection measures during epidemics.

Under the revised law, hotels and ryokan inns will be allowed to ask guests to wear face masks and check their body temperature if an infectious disease is spreading. They will be able to ask those with a fever or other symptoms to report whether they have seen a doctor and whether they have contracted an infectious disease. Accommodation facilities will be allowed to refuse those who do not follow such requests.

The bill calls for revisions to hotel guest registration. Guests will be asked to share their phone numbers or other contact information with hotels or inns to help identify infection routes


Japanese Protest Against Stricter Immigration Policies

NAGOYA — People took to the streets in 10 cities across Japan on Sept. 4 to protest against moves to amend the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act to make controls on the residency of foreign nationals in the country even stricter.

People marched through the bustling streets of Nagoya’s Sakae downtown area holding banners and signs, such as ones reading “We oppose revising the immigration law.”

The rallies were organized by the Nyukan no Minzoku Sabetsu Jinken Shingai to Tatakau Zenkoku Shimin Rengo (National citizens union to tackle ethnic discrimination and human rights violations by immigration bureaus). Participants also demanded the full disclosure of security camera footage of Wishma Sandamali, a Sri Lankan woman who died at age 33 while she was detained at the Nagoya Regional Immigration Services Bureau in the city of Nagoya in March 2021.


18yo Female Japanese University Student Molested by Pakistani

“On the 7th, the Gunma Prefectural Police arrested a 41-year-old Pakistani car repairman in Fujioka City on suspicion of both kidnapping and forced indecency.”

“At around 6:40 p.m. on August 5, the man said to an 18-year-old female university student living in the prefecture, “I want you to teach me Japanese. I have teaching materials at home.” It is suspected that he took her to his house by car and committed obscene acts. The suspect admits to the charges.”


Japan to Cover 99% of the Population With 5G

Thought you could escape to the Japanese countryside to avoid being poisoned? Think again.

“The Japanese government has drawn up a rural digitalization plan under its initiative to expand digital technologies nationwide to revitalize rural areas.

In terms of digital infrastructure, the plan sets a goal to cover 99 percent of the population with 5G networks by the end of March 2031.”


Cultural Enrichment in the Streets of Japan

Rational Japanese Male:
“If the birthrate is declining and immigrants are accepted, won’t Japan become more and more like this?”

Nation-wrecking J-thot:
“Why do you think foreigners are the problem? In places like Shibuya and Ikebukuro, Japanese people also have stupid fights, right? There’s no difference.”

Rational observer:
“If you allow in immigrants and refugees, it will become like this all over Japan.”

Naive, inexperienced J-libtard:
“Immigrants and refugees aren’t the problem, it’s just these people.”

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