Hikaru Utada Comes Out As Nonbinary, Starts Public Discussion about Gender Identity and Pronouns on Japanese TV

“In a recent livestream, the artist said, ‘You know, it’s the month of June, and I’m nonbinary. So, Happy Pride Month!'”

“With Utada’s announcement, Japanese morning TV explained to viewers what nonbinary means. These topics of conversation don’t typically show up on Japanese morning TV and will most certainly raise awareness in Japan.”

“Earlier this month, Utada discussed gender markers on Instagram and how traditional prefixes made them uncomfortable.”

“I’m sick of being asked if I’m “Miss or Missus” or choosing between “Miss/Mrs/Ms” for everyday things😩 It makes me uncomfortable to be identified so markedly by my marital status or sex, and I don’t relate to any of those prefixes. Every time, I feel like I’m forced to misrepresent myself. I long for an alternative option, one that anybody of any gender or social standing could use.…After writing thus far I looked it up and discovered that “Mx.” (pronounced as “mix”) has been suggested! That’s awesome and I hope it becomes more widely used. I’m afraid my idea for a neutral prefix has come too late…”


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