Want to Stay in Japan Without a Visa? Just Apply as a Refugee!

A Sri Lankan illegal died in Japanese custody which caused a bleeding-heart uproar from the Japanese left. In response, the ruling party decided to cancel enacting the Immigration Control and Refuge Act, which would have allowed foreigners to be deported even while applying for refugee status. This leaves a giant legal loophole, where if you are at risk of getting deported, simply claim refugee status and you have indefinitely extended your stay!

The Japanese continue to crumble from accusations of “discrimination” and their country walls continue to fall, brick by brick, until they are swarmed by illegals they are too fearful and too shamed to approach.


One thought on “Want to Stay in Japan Without a Visa? Just Apply as a Refugee!

  1. It’s not enough for them. It’ll never be enough for them. These hordes of nation-destroyers have no ambition. They want to pervert, corrupt, degrade, ruin and destroy everything. They want to be adored and worshipped by everyone as if they’re Gods.


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