Sake Company Goes Woke: Panders to LGBT

Ozeki, the most well-known sake brewer in Japan, has joined the western corporate trend of virtue signaling to the LGBT community with a rainbow-plastered version called One Cup Rainbow, with the tagline “We Celebrate Diversity“.
Ozeki says the new sake was created in response to proposals from young local employees and strong requests from overseas customers.

Ozeki has been following this trend for some time. In 1996, they removed the gender checkbox on job application forms for new graduate recruits, and in 2008 they created a consultation service to help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. They also revised harassment policies to include sexual orientation and self-identification, force training of LGBTQ matters for managers.

It will go on sale in Japan in time for Pride Month in June, and later in eight countries around the world to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

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