“We Will Transform Japan Into a Diverse Multiethnic Society” says Japanese Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Motegi (LDP) in his policy proposals
on their vision of a future Japan:

“We will transform Japan into a diverse multiethnic society.”
“We will make English our second official language.”
“We will give foreign residents in Japan the right to vote.”

– 茂木としみつ (Japanese Foreign Minister, Toshimitsu Motegi)

一言で言えば21世紀の日本を「多様性のある多民族社会」に変えるということです。有能な人材が世界から日本に集まり、ここで世界に向けてサクセスストーリーが生まれるという国家を目指すべきです。このための具体的な政策課題として(1)英語を第2公用語にする(2)定住外国人に地方参政権を与える[…] (4)日本の制度やシステムの中で国際基準と合致しないものを一括して見直す、の4点を提案したいと思います。

Simply put, it means transforming 21st-century Japan into a “diversified multiethnic society.” We should aim for a nation where talented people gather from all over the world to Japan, where success stories are born for the world. Specific policy issues for this are (1) English as the second official language (2) Granting the right to vote for resident foreigners[…] (4) Reviewing all Japanese systems that do not meet international standards.


Will they ever learn?

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