Feminist Icon Featured on Google Japan Front Page

Author Koda Aya is featured on the Google Japan front page today, but who is Koda Aya, and why is Google pushing her to Japanese people?

“the resilience, strength, and maturity [of Aya] differ sharply from the masochistic, self-sacrificial […] attitude prescribed for women – an attitude of persevering and not complaining about the oppression of patriarchy, the exploitation of the brutal capitalist, the barrenness of Japan’s rural landscape, the bankruptcy of unexamined habits of heterosexual marriage.”

Among Yukio Mishima, Yasunari Kawabata, Natsume Soseki, and hundreds of other much more influential and well-known Japanese authors, one is left to wonder why Google chose to push this woman to the Japanese people, whose writings highlight a feminist struggle through a “patriarchal oppressive” culture.

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