More New Foreign Residents Than Japanese Moved to Tokyo Last Year

Last year, the Japanese population of Tokyo was up just 0.19 percent, while its foreign population grew 6.23 percent, a rate more than 32 times faster. This marks the first time for the foreign population to increase faster than the Japanese one for the area since the ministry first began separating such demographic data in 2012.

The total population of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba grew to 36,754,193 during 2019, a 0.37-percent increase over the previous year. Out of those new residents, 67,301 were Japanese citizens, but the bigger increase came from the 68,161 foreigners who started calling those parts of Japan their home.

2 thoughts on “More New Foreign Residents Than Japanese Moved to Tokyo Last Year

  1. The Japanese government has been completely sluggish in responding to their population crisis. Looking into the future, automation is capable of picking up the slack left behind by an aging workforce, however if Japan is to remain itself, in accordance with its own primordial continuity, it must incentivize her people to reproduce at a more rapid rate. Economic hardship caused by the pivoting of consumer and production dynamics will create economic turmoil for sure, this is simply the necessary consequence of advancing technology. Japan’s government is too conservative and too inundated in its own tired malaise to do anything to fix this issue. If race riots come to the major cities, maybe then they will act.


  2. Japan is overpopulated already for their small island, what’s more important is that they remain Japanese and continue their civilization and don’t have it destroyed.


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