Twerking Spreads to Japan

and it’s called, “穴振れ (Ketsufure)”

Fading away are the gushingly-cute schoolgirl idols of yesteryear that appealed to your sense of innocence. Instead, globalized western sexuality of in-your-face aggressive feminist ass shaking is taking its place.

「大門弥生」が中心となり、時代や世代、性別を動かす音楽。今を輝く女性アーティストと届ける「GIRL’S POWER」が炸裂するコンセプトシリーズ

“Daimon Yayoi” plays a central role in music that changes the times, generations, and genders. A series of concept where “GIRL’S POWER” is delivered with a shining female artist.

Daimon Yayoi sends an American 1960’s feminist bra burning message in her other video, “NO BRA!”

あの、濃い目のリップに黒髪 強目の女子はお嫌いですか?「ヒールで仁王立ち」シンガー「大門弥生」と、レぺゼン地球!アイデンティティ溢れる予測不能な最強の女性ラッパー「あっこゴリラ」が放つ「レペゼン女性」をテーマにしたノーブラソング。


Do you hate girls with dark hair and dark hair? “Standing at the heel” singer “Yayo Daimon” and the Repezen Earth! A no-bra song based on the theme of “Repezen Women” released by the strongest and unpredictable female rapper “Akko Gorilla”.

Girls don’t care about their appearance or the size of their breasts, and they can shine vividly if they spend their days in a free lifestyle with confidence in themselves rather than living strictly! A positive message song. 🙋‍♀✨🙆‍♀✨️💁‍♀️

Daimon Yaoi Profile
Schwaza Records Facebook
Yayoi Daimon Youtube Channel

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