Japanese University Tells Foreign Students to not get arrested over Halloween

With the chaotic truck flipping, injury-resulting fights, and huge property damages from last Halloween, Tokyo-based and Marxist-hellhole Temple University Japan Campus just broadcasted this message to their foreign student body:

Dear TUJ Students,

Halloween weekend is coming up and the university wanted to send a note about this time of year in Tokyo.

There are numerous Halloween parties and events in the city. In previous years, some TUJ students have gotten into trouble with the police and were arrested due to careless behavior while intoxicated at Halloween parties in the Shibuya area.  Not only did these actions result in criminal records here in Japan, but also affected the rest of their semester.  

For our visa-sponsored students in particular, this is a very real threat in their ability to maintain their student status here in Japan.  Students on study abroad programs involved in such incidents also had their parents and home institutions contacted.  

**Please note that from this year, Shibuya City has banned drinking on the streets. The map of the area where the restrictions are in place can be found here. This goes into effect TOMORROW NIGHT, and will remain throughout the weekend, and some days next week. 

TUJ would like to ask all students to stay safe, to go out in groups and stay together, and to act responsibly to avoid getting into trouble. The university would like to remind you that there is little support that TUJ can provide if you are arrested.

Thank you for your understanding and be safe.

This message is a legal move on the institution’s part to reduce their liability to the impending problems, and an undeniable admission of knowing that the degenerates they granted visas into the country will inevitably cause chaos.

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