New University campus in Tokyo spreads cultural marxism to Japanese youth

LGBT Values, refugee acceptance, black oppression, marginalized peoples, discrimination, social justice, neo-feminism, contemporary art, pro-race mixing, white supremacy, white privilege, Japanese privilege, revised history books… You name it, Japanese education has got it!

A significant reason for the spread of cultural marxism in Japan stems from the international school. For example, Temple University Japan Campus just opened a few weeks ago. Let’s take a look at some of the offered classes:

Art History Writing Intensive: Art and Queer Theory
Contemporary Japanese Art
Arts in Cultural Context
Special Topics in Asian Studies I: Social Inequality in Asia
Japan in a Changing World Order
Special Topics III: Japan’s International Relations
Ideology and Social Change in Japan
Writing Seminar in Asian Studies: The Japanese Occupation of Southeast Asia
Writing Seminar in Asian Studies: Immigration and Integration Issues in East and Southeast Asia
Politics of Identity in America
Representing Race
Dissent in America
African American History to 1865
Contemporary Media Issues: Journalism and Japan’s Geopolitical Impact on the World
Ethical Issues in Journalism
Journalism and Globalization
African Americans, Equality and the Law: Weapon or Tool?
The Making of American Society: Melting Pot or Culture Wars?
Development & Globalization
Human Sexuality
Topics in Psychology: Prejudice and Discrimination in Japan
Topics in Psychology: Intercultural Marriage
The History & Significance of Race in America
Ideology and Social Change in Japan

And there’s much, much more. And yes, the head of the faculty is Jewish, many of the professors of these classes are Jewish. They are here in Tokyo, Japan, teaching Japanese students on a daily basis the same Cultural Marxist curriculum that is being taught at Berkeley and many other (((higher education))) institutions in western countries. It should be no surprise then why the younger generation is so supportive of social justice now.

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