Japan’s naive answer to shoplifting

With the Mainichi Shimbun reporting shoplifting losses to companies exceeding 500,000,000,000 yen (US$4,641,103,500) per year, Japan’s solution involves enrolling a shop’s regular customers as “bounty hunters” who will turn the shoplifter in for a reward. The shoplifter, in turn, will be charged an “anti-shoplifting countermeasure fee” that covers the bounty payment.

“any shoplifters will be deterred as soon as the store makes it known that they are adopting the Bounty Hunter policy, simply because the shoplifter is aware counter-measures are being taken.”

Then the store can hang up an informative poster so hopeful Bounty Hunters can apply, and perhaps even earn a little cash for nabbing a shoplifter.”

Gee, I wonder which group of people is responsible for the majority of theft per-capita in Japan? (Hint: it’s not the Japanese) And as Japan continues to massively increase their population of foreigners, I’m sure these informative signs and pressure from surrounding peers will solve the problem!

Imagine this at a Seiyu, Lalaport, or Family Mart. “EXCUSE ME? DIDN’T YOU SEE THE SIGNS? YOU WILL ASSESSED A FEE!”

Problem solved!

You see, this woman just needed to be better informed about the “anti-shoplifting countermeasure fee.” I’m sure a rational discussion to explain the system would quickly shame her into understanding the error of her ways!

As diversity continues to descend upon Japan, their response to the problems obvious to the rest of the world, clearly demonstrates the complete lack of understanding of the problem they are facing and how to deal with it.

Interestingly, this problem of extreme naivety in approaching problems due to diversity and globalism is not unique to Japan. It is in fact a pattern seen in other ethnically homogenous cultures. In Finland where citizens are not allowed to carry weapons of any kind to defend themselves, Finnish women protested to the government asking how they can defend themselves against the Muslim refugees causing a massive increase in rape. Finnish police responded with this actual PSA video instructing them how to stop being raped:

As naive officials continue to make ineffective policies to solve the problems created by the people they invite into their countries, trust and social cohesion amongst the people suffers and society continues to crumble. How can the Japanese have any chance to survive with such a child-like naivety?

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